Friday, September 16, 2011

Get Connected with Apple TV

For years people have predicted that the future of TV would be through the internet. People have long predicted that rather than buying movies or video games, we will simply be able to access the internet through our TV and have access to any movie or any video game directly through the internet connection. Some people may have balked at this idea as impossible, but with the invention of the Apple TV device, this pipe dream has become a reality. The Apple TV allows users to connect their TV to the internet and gain access to an incredible collection of entertainment.

If you have never before used an Apple product or purchased an Apple product, the first thing you will notice about the Apple TV, is that it is very small. The entire device only measures 4 inches square. This is incredible, because Apple has packed so much power, and so much technology into this device. The Apple TV serves as a gateway for all of the content on the internet that you could ever want to see. One of the main features of the new Apple TV is that it gives a user access to iTunes, which has recently become the largest holder of music, and videos on the internet.

If you are interested in buying movies through iTunes then you should use the Apple TV to purchase these movies. Whenever you login to your Apple TV, a menu will come up that will allow you to navigate through the internet to the source of entertainment that you want to pursue For example, if you are looking to download a movie, then you can login to iTunes, search for your favorite movie, download that movie, then stream the video live to your TV. The Apple TV runs off of a high definition HDMI cable, which ensures you the highest pictures quality and constant connection.

The Apple TV is also able to connect to websites that are not directly affiliated with Apple products. The Apple TV can connect with Netflix which has become the leading movie rental service in the country. Netflix has thousands of movies available for instant online streaming, and the Apple TV gives you access to all of these. With the Apple TV, you can also access other video websites such as YouTube, which will give you additional access to millions of videos and movie clips. The sky is truly the limit with the added connection for the Apple TV.

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