Thursday, October 13, 2011

Top Three Reasons to Use Penny Auctions

Penny auctions on are the absolute most popular auctions within an already popular auction site. If you have never before been to then you might be asking what exactly a penny auction is. A penny auction is exactly as the name sounds, it is an auction that begins at one penny and only increases by one penny every time that a bid is placed on the auction. This results in amazing deals on products that are in high demand and it also results in a very competitive auction process that is sure to leave you having a lot of fun while you bid on products.

One of the top three reasons to use penny auctions is of course the excellent deals. Through ZBiddy, you will be bidding on brand new factory sealed items. These items consistently go for more than 90% off of retail value. This means that you are able to get amazing prices on these products and have a fun time bidding on them. A typical penny auction will get hundreds of bids. This might make you think that the final auction price will be very high but because each of the bids only increase the overall auction price by one penny, you could have thousands of bids on an auction, and still keep the final auction price very low. The deals that can be won through ZBiddy penny auctions is definitely the most important reason to use the service.

Another of the top three reasons to use penny auctions is the low cost of entry. Not only are the prices very low that you will pay for your final product if you were to win a penny auction, but your actual bids only cost one penny also. For example, if you find a product on ZBiddy such as an iPad 2, you will want to make some bids on this product to throw your hat into the mix. Every time that you make a bid your overall bid account will be deducted by one. However, because you are working with penny auctions, you will only lose one penny every time that you bid on a penny item. This will allow you to bid many times on an auction and still not spend a great deal of money. This will also allow you to bid many times on many different items to see which auctions you might have a chance of winning.

The final of the top three reasons to use penny auctions is that they are so much fun. When you begin on ZBiddy you might be excited to see that it is an auction online. This means that rather than just getting onto a site, buying a product, and checking out, you will actually have to go through a competitive process to win the right to buy the product. This is an exciting process, and often times is made much more fun because of the thrill of the actual auction. once you start one penny auction, you will want to come back for more.