Friday, July 22, 2011

Children’s Games for the iPad 2

One of the hottest auction sites on the internet right now is Part of its popularity comes from their trendy approach to auctions. The focus is on penny auctions where the opportunity of getting steal away prices on children’s games for the iPad 2 is entirely possible. 

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The iPad 2 is the perfect table size sharing screen. Children take to the iPad because it is very intuitive. Playing games on it is fun and easy. If you would like to have an opportunity to have more than one iPad 2 in your household but find yourself financially stretched, you have a great opportunity at ZBiddy to do that. Thank of all the wonderful game apps, many of which are free, that your children can enjoy playing and learning from when using the iPad2. Below are a few examples. Make sure too that when choosing games it is important to make sure that they are age appropriate.

The Toy Story 3 app can read the story to your child by either recording your voice and having it played to your child or a preselected voice. Embedded in the stories are mini games like maze games and jigsaw puzzles.

The Ace-Writer –Alphabet Series is an educational app where the child learns to trace the letter and hear the sound of the letter. Smurf’s village is about planting crops and waiting for them to grow.

The Kids Song Machine is a sing along app where the players get to sing along while being visually entertained by the beautiful graphics. And even Lego has an app called Lego Creationary. By rolling a dice the app will build a Lego model and the players have to guess what is being built within a given time period.

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