Friday, July 15, 2011

Top Features of the Sony PlayStation 3

So many people play video games that it is fast becoming one of the premiere markets in the world. In the past, video games used to be only for children and adults never got into playing video games. However, in today's society, video games are made for children and adults alike. One of the overall best video gaming systems and one of the classic systems is the Sony PlayStation system. If you are a long time gamer, you have played a PlayStation, and if you have never picked up a gaming console in your life, this is where you need to start.

One of the top features of the Sony PlayStation 3 is that it allows users to connect to the internet. There are many games available through the Play Station 3 that allow gamers to play their games with their friends across the internet. For example, in a role playing game, gamers are able to interact and interface with other characters from around the world as they play. Rather than being forced to play only against computer generated characters, the PlayStation 3 allows gamers to test their skills against gamers from all over the world. This also introduces a social component to video games which people crave. Having a social component in a game instantly makes the process more enjoyable. Rather than being stuck in a dark room for hours on end playing videogames, people are now able to talk and joke with their friends while they play the games. The PlayStation 3 even has headsets that allow gamers to communicate with each other as they move through their gaming experiences.

Another top feature of the Sony PlayStation 3 is its ability to play blu-ray disks. Because the PlayStation 3 also acts as a DVD and Blu-Ray player, there is no need for an expensive DVD player to be bought. The PlayStation 3 can actually take the place of the DVD player and negate the need to spend more on consumer electronics than necessary.

One of the final benefits of owning a Sony PlayStation 3 is its ability to stream movies through the gaming system. There are many movie sites available that allow people to stream movies instantly over the internet. The PlayStation 3 allows users to use their gaming console to connect to the internet, and stream movies directly through their PlayStation, onto their TV.

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