Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Features of the Amazon Kindle 3

Amazon's new Kindle 3 is an amazing device. The success of the first two versions of the Kindle has created a buzz around the product and they have created a need for the product to be even better than it already is. The new Kindle 3 has exceeded all of the expectations of consumers and continues to extend its lead as the leader of the electronic reader market. The new Amazon Kindle introduces a brand new high contrast E ink screen. This screen gives roughly a 50% higher contrast and allows readers to view their books in a sleek, elegant, and easy to read format. The best feature about the Kindle is that is has no glare so it can be read in direct sunlight. Many other electronic readers with bright glossy screens cannot be read in direct sunlight which makes them completely ineffective for reading outdoors, which is a favorite pastime of many people.

The new Amazon Kindle 3 is also 17% lighter than the original version at only 8.5 ounces. This allows for the Kindle to be easily transported wherever you decide to go. You can easily take the book with you on a plane for example, or slide it in your briefcase to take to the office while you work. The light weight of the Kindle also makes it an attractive option for students as they are now able to download many textbooks for their Kindle. This actually gives people many health benefits because they have much less weight to carry around during the day.

The new Amazon Kindle also has an astounding battery life of up to two months. This means that a person could technically read the Kindle for up to two months straight without ever having to change or charge the battery. This might not be a healthy option, but it does show the power of the new Kindle 3 battery.

The new Kindle 3 also has increased storage. it is now able to carry up to 3500 books within its storage memory. This means that you will always have the books on hand that you want to read and you will never be without a good book in a pinch. The new Kindle also allows you to connect to any wireless network so you can easily download a new book if you do find one that you do not have.

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