Monday, August 22, 2011

New Features of the Apple iPad 2

When you purchase a new product you expect for that product to be everything that it claims to be. This is why so many people are upset when they spend a lot of money on a product only to realize that it does not live up to their expectations. What makes us very happy as consumers is when a product not only meets our expectations, but it exceeds them. This is happening time and time again with every new Apple iPad 2 that is sold. The Apple iPad 2 is an amazing invention of technology and has allowed for consumers to get a piece of equipment that functions at a high level for a really great price.

The new Apple iPad 2 comes with a front and rear video camera which was one of the major complaints of the original iPad. The new front and rear mounted cameras provide an avenue for people to both record their surrounding with their video camera, and also use it as a webcam, so they can video chat or participate in webinars or video conferences. This functionality has upgraded the overall functionality of the iPad and now allows it to accomplish one of the items that it never could with the first version.

Another new feature of the iPad 2 is its ability to conserve battery power for extended periods of time. The original iPad was very good on battery life, but the new iPad 2 has increased battery life by roughly 50%. The new lithium ion batteries contained within the new Apple iPad 2 are very powerful, very efficient, and will last for a very long time. If you are considering buying an iPad 2 and you were concerned about the battery life, this concern has been answered and it should not be a negative factor in your decision.

One of the most exciting new features of the Apple iPad 2 is its smart cover than can be purchased. The Smart Cover is actually a case designed specifically by Apple for their iPad 2. This case will actually attach magnetically to the outside of the iPad 2 and will not move when jostled around like many other models. When the smart cover is attached to the front of the iPad 2 it will automatically put the device into sleep mode. When the smart cover is removed, it will bring the iPad 2 back to life. This is another excellent way that the iPad 2 is able to conserve battery life and extend the overall life of the iPad.

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